Her latest exhibit, “Impressions,” debuted last Saturday at the Jane Lombard Gallery.

Courtesy of the artist and Jane Lombard Gallery.

In a velvety green wrap dress, artist Kristin McIver floated around the Jane Lombard Gallery in Tribeca, where her latest exhibit, Impressions, debuted on Saturday. “This show was supposed to happen last April,” she tells me as two visitors crane their necks to view one of her 12 video sculptures…

I’m a Texan. I’ve been homeless, freezing, and without power before. The millions of Texans left out in the cold are not going to forgive your cowardice.

Image of Ted Cruz courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

I know what it is like to freeze. In December 2013, when my mom and I were temporarily homeless in North Texas, we lost power to the RV we were staying at that week. The roads had iced over earlier that day and the temps hovered around 30 degrees. We…

Her latest album, “Flowers for Vases/descansos,” grapples with grief through delicate vocals and pared-back instrumentation.

Image courtesy of Hayley Williams.

Hayley Williams is no stranger to baring her soul.

The Paramore frontwoman has belted and crooned about heartbreak, depression, and anger for more than a decade across five albums. Last May, though, Williams released her first solo album, Petals for Armor, after years of openly expressing disinterest in a project…

It was cute at first, but enough is enough.

We’ll pretend this is a Zoom breakout room graphic for the sake of my sanity.

Today, I sat silently in a Breakout Room — Zoom’s seemingly innovative way to mirror IRL group discussion online — waiting for someone else to talk. When they inevitably didn’t, I’d toss in a few questions here and there to try to illicit a response from my peers to no…

A kinda late New Year’s resolution, if you will.

A tender ladybug on some greens :-)

Content warning: mentions of disordered eating, body dysmorphia.

The other day, my boyfriend and I were snuggling up on the couch, watching some cooking show. I don’t remember exactly what show it was, but nonetheless I sat there engrossed: a chef was walking through how to prepare an artichoke. …

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