Beauty Blog: January Faves

After two years of “letting myself go,” I decided to get back into the world of beauty.

Izzie Ramirez
5 min readJan 24, 2021


Screenshot from West Side Story; graphic by me.

The crazy thing about depression is that it will absolutely make you despise the practices that can actually help you feel like a person. This can range from not brushing your teeth to not showering. For me, it was beauty.

Before my depression consumed my life, I used to meticulously apply winged eyeliner eyes and curl my lashes every day. I loved perusing the shelves of the local beauty supply store with my mom — who’s a cosmetologist (and medical assistant and accountant and resident Wonder Woman) — or dreaming of all the fancy vials of skincare products I’d buy at Sephora if I had infinite money. Beauty was something exhilarating and fun. It wasn’t a necessity, and I certainly didn’t need makeup to feel pretty or anything, but it brought me joy and gave me a routine.

But two years ago, I fell into such a deep depression that even washing my face seemed like an arduous, insurmountable task. I simply just stopped caring about my appearance, but in an unhealthy, detrimental way. Luckily, I made life changes that got me out of the hole I was in, but I never really got back into the habit of doing beyond the bare minimum until a few months ago. Now, I can at least put some damn blush on!

That’s all to say: I’m back, bitch! While I’m no YouTube MUA or TikTok beauty queen, I’m gonna start blogging at least once a month about the beauty products or trends I’m obsessed with. It’ll be fun! Have any ideas or recommendations? Tweet me: @IzzieRamirez or respond in the comments. Let’s get to it!

Note: All of these items were purchased with my own money or gifted to me from my mom. These brands are not paying me to blog about them!


Fresh Sugar Face Polish
Yes, I know I can make my own sugar scrub at home for less than $5. I know. But this particular scrub oddly reminds me of the sweet tea I’d have back home. Plus it’s not harsh. I tend to use this 1–2x a week in the shower, especially if I worked out that day. It’s a treat if you can swing it, but be careful, you’ll get addicted!



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