I’m Obsessed With These Fan-Made Novio Tóxico TikToks

Latinx teens are imagining their favorite fictional character asking them out — but with a twist.

Graphic by author.

Granted, I might be too “old” to be on TikTok as someone who is fully 22 years old — if I posted regularly on the app, I’m sure the teens would clown me for not paying my bills or whatever — but something that brings me immense joy are these TikToks where two fictional characters vie for the poster’s attention. Except it’s not any old love triangle; these characters are Mexicanified to the point where the poster must choose between “el bueno” or “el tóxico.”

Growing up Mexican-Puerto Rican in Texas, I’ve seen el bueno and el tóxico firsthand at several birthday parties, graduations, and late summer night carne asadas. El bueno, the good guy, will swing by the event, bringing a cute but obnoxious “Will you be my girlfriend?” sign along with a mangonada (a spicy mango smoothie for the uninitiated) and a teddy bear. But then el tóxico will crash the party with roses, chocolates, but, most importantly, alcohol. In these TikToks, folks have casted iconic characters from Twilight, Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender as el bueno or el tóxico, but also throw them into fun scenarios like hanging out at the rodeo or dancing at the quinceañera.

I must note, these are videos are based on often stereotypical Northern Mexican ranchero culture that has spread throughout the southern United States. These TikToks are not representative of all Mexican or Latinx culture. However, as someone with a Mexican father who exclusively listens to norteños while cattle ranching, I find these TikToks deeply humorous. So without further ado, here are my favorite novio tóxico TikToks in no particular order.

Okay, picture this: you’re just vibing with your pal Appa when BAM! Here comes Aang swooping in with the goods. But wait…who’s that pulling up in his pickup truck?

Lol…can someone explain to me why Jacob is el bueno in this TikTok???Anyhow, he has the superior snacks here. Elote AND churros? It’s a no-brainer.

Just a reminder — it’s not just the straights who are in on this!

I’ll be honest it took me a minute to realize that this was Cedric Diggory, not Edward Cullen.

Damn, they even roped in Gossip Girl into all this? No one is safe.

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