Let’s Pretend I Know What I’m Doing Here

Welcome to my (virtual) crib.

Image by Natasha Roy. Graphic by yours truly.

Hello, family, friends, enemies, lovers, acquaintances, and soon-to-be-followers!

If you follow my work on here, you’re probably familiar with how I am currently the Managing Editor for The Interlude, a blog I created with my friends after the majority of us graduated college in the middle of the unmitigated disaster that is COVID-19. Before that, I wrote for and eventually became Editor-in-Chief of New York University’s snarkiest blog: NYU Local. I’ve even landed a few bylines with GEN. Yet despite writing nearly 100 stories on this damn website, I have never considered blogging solo.

The option had, of course, always been there. People self-publish on Medium all the time. But for years, I tried to be seen as a Real Adult Reporter, not a social media manager as I had once been, or a student journalist (shoutout to all the high school and college reporters out there!). I wanted to write stories about the bureaucracy surrounding climate change, racism in media, environmental justice, pop culture, all that — but in the publications I one day dreamed of working for, but couldn’t because of school. So I began professionally freelancing the summer of my junior year of college and fell in love with it. No one was asking how old I was or to compromise myself or do unpaid labor — it was all about valuing my voice and my perspective. Since then, I’ve written for VICE, Bitch Media, Gothamist, Jezebel, and several other publications.

But I’ve lost a little bit of my bloggy self along the way. Graduating in the middle of a pandemic and a recession will do a lot to kill your sense of self. I’ve also deluded myself into going to graduate school, which thank God I am not unemployed, but it’s still pretty hilarious if you ask me, considering how much I hated undergrad. (Future employers stalking me: I graduate from the science journalism program at Columbia this May.) This summer, I really wanted to get into the habit of writing for fun. I enjoy writing, but it’s exhausting always reporting on doom and gloom. And now the good people at Medium have given me the unilateral freedom to blog about whatever the hell I want. Boy, does that feel good!

Starting today, I’ll be writing whatever strikes my fancy at least once or twice a week. I don’t think I’ll top my best blog of all time, but I’ll try. While this space will grow and change as I do, I imagine I’ll be blogging about trends, the intersection of politics and pop culture, and whatever hobby or dumb thing I’m obsessed with. Some of these blogs might fall into the realm of analysis while others might be more personal essay than anything else. Maybe I’ll do photo essays! Who knows. I have no idea what this will look like, but I am so excited to explore and engage regularly. I’ll be posting Mondays and Fridays, give or take. Be sure to follow so you don’t miss a post!

Writing about climate, culture & comida wherever I go. Work in: GEN, Bitch Media, VICE, Jezebel, and then some. Medium’s resident Gen Z kid.

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